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  Country   Wiz khalifa kid cudi eminem   Rock    country    anything at all really   Anything: latin    hip hop
alternative    & country.   Romantic    religious   Eminem    outkast   
and classic rock   Country rock    Country music and pop   Real country   Pop    rap   Anything mostly rap or hip hop
Hip/hop    rock & r&b. and country   Blues & classic rock   Brantley gilbert    
  Action   The dark knight kill bill the hangover inception pulp fiction   Boondock saints!   Scarface    casino    goodfellas    the godfather
& training day.   Comedy    action   Fav movie: tombstone   Action and comedy   Comedy and action    comedy
romantic comedy    scary   S.w.a.t    
  Hunting    fishing    outdoors    dexter    sunday night animation   Tosh.o   Super natural
not a big tv person   Burn notice    breaking bad    & espn.   Swamp men    auction hunters    espn
family guy   Sports    comedy    history    international news   Espn   True tv
Revolution    last resort   Family guy worlds dumbest    first 48 hours    Homeland    newsroom    game of thrones
Anything ou sports    ncis    criminal minds    big bang       Party down south    
  Hunting   The undefeated   Warhammer series   - a divine comedy -   Action    history   Love them!
Espn magazine   Louis lamour   Harry potter    twilight   
 Video Games
  Call to duty   Madden ncaa football   Rpg\'s - any form of them   Grand theft auto : vice city.   Mw3    Black ops    madden 11
college football   No   No !!   Not much   Mw3   Madden    ncaa
Racing    fighting    sports    shooting games    Ncaa football   
 Night Clubs / Bars
  Bar west   Not my thing.   I never go.   Tangos    Voodo lounge   Bonita flats    end zone
No   Not often   Silverado in joplin    mo   N/a   The lounge    cowboys
night trips    reddawgs    the v      
  Adrian peterson bud wilkinson    Josh heupel.    landry jones    demarq o murray      People helping less fortunate human beings   Military men & women
My parents   Not sure about that   Whitney hand    morgan hooke   Military personel    police and fire fighters    steve owens
mickey mantel   \"stone cold\" steve austin    
  Football    baseball   Football! basketball    College football    mlb    nfl    & boxing.
Sooner boomer    steelers    basketball    tennis    specifically sooner football and dalls cowby   Oklahoma football some nfl   Ncaa
and mma   I play basketball but i like football   All   Ou sports   
  Anything but mushrooms and most raw meat   Football   Food is tasty!   Pizza    sopapillas    & arroz con gandules.   Daily healthy dietary
Mexican   Chicken fried steak    pizza    wings and bacon cheeseburgers   Oklahoma comfort   
 Vacation Spots
  Warm and sandy   Football   I wish.   Hawaii    florida    cancun    jamaica
Beach    mountains    u.s.a.and international   Las vegas   The beach   Miami beach and oklahoma city    Okl.
  Foreign    there\'s too many to choose.   Honolulu    cabo    vegas    or miami.   Stillwatter
Oklahoma cidty   Dallas   Galena    ks   Seattle   Okc   
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